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Swedish pet food manufacturer uses Tetra Pak carton to pack cat food

Swedish pet food manufacturer doggy AB company has launched MJAU brand wet cat food, and the packaging uses Tetra Pak TetR control block (for longitudinal wave inspection) a Recart carton. This storage resistant product line includes six different flavors of meat gel, which should be packaged to change this situation quickly in the easy to open and resealable 400 ml cartons. Doggy's use of TETRA Recart cartons this time is a continuation of the 8-way switch output of Nestle's trial sale of Tetra Pak cartons for pet food packaging three years ago. This Tetra Recart carton replaces the metal can. Its foldable resealable cover does not need tools. It can be equipped with some special small devices to open it, eliminating the trouble of consumers

source: China India media

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