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Swedish invention of aroma measurement equipment for packaging recently, the sensory and chemical analysis laboratory of Swedish Iggesund paperboard Co., Ltd. successfully developed a unique aroma measurement equipment under actual operating conditions, which can detect the amount of fragrance penetrating packaging materials. The laboratory has been certified by government agencies for sensory analysis. The Swedish board for technical Accreditation (swedac) supervises the work of the laboratory to ensure its quality

this will bring great changes to food packaging, and it is very valuable to the experts of Iggesund paperboard company who develop coating paper for different purposes

Gunnar Forsgren, technical director of the laboratory, said that normally, people only pay attention to the effects of oxygen, moisture, carbon dioxide and different packaging materials on the contents. Now we can detect any solid or liquid aroma components, and also measure the effects of four different aroma components at the same time

iggesund's cardboard is mainly used for packaging 5. Antibacterial modified engineering plastic sensitive products, such as food and candy. Like other packaging materials, cardboard can ultimately affect the taste and taste of packaging products by releasing or absorbing fragrance. How to seal the packaging materials and how many aroma components penetrate or exude can determine the amount of spices that should be added to the food to be packaged, as well as the impact of different storage environments on the contents of the packaging

just as oak barrel storage can improve the flavor of wine and whisky, the smell from packaging may also have a positive effect. If the packaging manufacturer changes the printing ink, materials or ingredients, the flavor of the food will also change. That is why the packaging material supplier is very important to ensure the long-term stable product quality of 33500 employees worldwide. It is mainly formula testing and prototyping

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