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In the fourth quarter, the price of synthetic resin fluctuated downward

in the third quarter, the price of synthetic resin rose first and then fell

in the third quarter, the international crude oil market experienced ups and downs, and the international ethylene and propylene prices also rose first and then fell. The price of domestic synthetic resin is basically the same as that of the international market, but the decline is large

domestic synthetic resin prices rose sharply in July, continuing the trend of the second quarter. After a small period of wandering in mid August, they fell rapidly, and showed a downward trend at the end of the quarter. Compared with the second quarter, except for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) wire drawing materials, other polyolefin products increased by more than 5%, among which low-density polyethylene plastic injection, polypropylene wire drawing materials and fiber materials increased by more than 10%

the reasons for the change of synthetic resin Market in the third quarter are as follows:

the bullish international market supports the domestic market

in the third quarter, there were few maintenance items for ethylene plant, with stable production and sufficient supply. However, the ethylene shortage in Asia has not been significantly alleviated due to the delayed start-up of the Iranian ethylene plant and the low operating rate. In September, affected by the decline of crude oil prices, ethylene prices in the Asian market also fell slightly, but the quarterly average prices of ethylene and propylene in Southeast Asia still rose significantly compared with the previous quarter. Supported by the soaring prices of ethylene and propylene monomers and the continuous rise of crude oil prices, polyolefins in Southeast Asia rose sharply. The price of synthetic resin in Southeast Asia continues to rise, which makes the domestic polyolefin import cost significantly higher, supporting the domestic synthetic resin price to remain high

unstable construction in Iran leads to tight supply in Asia

in the third quarter, there were relatively few maintenance items in the international market, and the supply was sufficient. There were many reasons for the temperature error, and the supply of synthetic resin in the world increased steadily. However, the strong economic growth in the United States and Western Europe, the strong demand for synthetic resin, and the unstable start-up of Iran's ethylene plant have led to the continuous tight supply of synthetic resin in Asia. The world economy continues to maintain good growth, which supports the growth of polyolefin demand that the interval between market cutting and experiment should not exceed 24h. According to the world demand for synthetic resin in the third quarter, the demand in North America was 5.52 million tons in the third quarter, and that in Europe was 5.3 million tons, basically the same as that in the same period last year. The stable demand keeps the operating rate of the unit at a high level, in which the operating rate of polyethylene is maintained at 83% and that of polypropylene is 88% ~ 90%

the demand for downstream products is strong, and the market is still in short supply

the domestic economic situation continued to maintain a good growth momentum in the third quarter, and the National Information Center recently speculated that the domestic economic growth in the third quarter may remain above 10.5%. At the same time, domestic consumption and export continued to maintain good growth, driving the demand for plastic products. In the first eight months, the domestic output of plastic products was 19.026 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 19.8%; The export volume was 6.136 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 13.5%. From the perspective of supply, although the expansion and production of ethylene in Lanzhou and Maoming have increased the supply of synthetic resin products, domestic imports continue to be low. At the same time, due to the tight supply in the international market, the supply in the domestic market is still tight

the production capacity of synthetic resin increased in the fourth quarter

the fourth quarter is a golden period for domestic economic activities to provide you with good after-sales service at any time. There is a relatively large demand for synthetic resin, especially in the fields of packaging, electronics and electrical appliances. It is estimated that the domestic consumption of polyethylene and polypropylene accounts for 25.3% and 25.4% of the annual consumption respectively. With the commissioning of Lanzhou and Maoming ethylene plants, the domestic synthetic resin output will increase by about 200000 tons, which is bound to have a certain impact on the market price

recently, the tight supply of synthetic resin has been significantly relieved, and the profit of polyolefins has been relatively low. According to Haier technicians, the rise of crude oil price will directly promote the rise of synthetic resin cost, and the impact of crude oil price change on synthetic resin price is gradually strengthening. It is expected that the crude oil price will remain at a relatively high level in the fourth quarter. In addition to the increase in production capacity, it is estimated that the synthetic resin price in the fourth quarter will show a volatile downward trend, and the average price is lower than that in the third quarter

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