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China Switzerland Finance: the rubber price long and short game is becoming more and more intense

the long and short sides of the Shanghai Jiao 803 contract have a fierce competition around the 60 day moving average. From the disk view, various forces have a slight advantage, but the resistance of the short side has not stopped. The two sides are facing off in front of this important position. It seems that they are going to have a showdown. Therefore, the evolution of the future market must be closely watched. No matter which side they turn to, the level of the market can not be underestimated

first, let's talk about support 4 The minimum reading value of torque: 0.01nm the main factors for the strength of 0.1nm rubber price: the callback of this round of rubber market occurred under the condition that the supply was always tight to a certain extent, and the decline was mainly due to technical and financial factors. In fact, during the period, the price fluctuation in the spot market of Tianjiao in Southeast Asia was extremely limited, and the large-scale position reduction of long funds in the Tokyo Jiao market directly led to the formation of the short market. PBT ultradur B 4520 and ultradur B 4300 G4 are worthy to be used by Valeo. It is noted that the "lethality" of fund position reduction has decreased significantly, and the stabilization of futures price reflects that the market has begun to try to establish a new balance. Since late October, the Shanghai Jiao warehouse receipts have increased significantly. Due to the premium of futures in the early stage, there is enough room for future cash arbitrage, which makes the inventory of domestic production areas quickly transferred to the futures market. However, the early release of production area inventory also means that the pressure from the spot market will be reduced. By the end of last week, the number of warehouse receipts had dropped dramatically, which showed that the arbitrage space was very small, and spot buying had been able to support the Shanghai Jiao futures price

next, let's look at whether the international crude oil can really break the $100 mark. It is still unknown. Although it has the potential to rise, once the high oil price of about $100 is no longer sustained, the inflation of the main chain products driven by it, such as tension, pressure, fatigue, wear, aging, hardness, plasticity, vulcanization, Mooney and other test instruments, will also be eased, This is the most concerned issue of Chinese economic policy makers. The international oil price has been a bull market for six years, climbing from $30 to nearly $100. A big market is always caused by the impact of economic fundamentals, but the extreme sentiment when the market is about to peak is often spawned by speculators. So even if the oil price will fall in the future, at least there is no sign of a sharp correction at present. We have reason to believe that the oil price will remain high until the end of this year

another short-term negative factor for the current rubber price is the domestic macro-control. However, in the long run, the domestic tight monetary policy is bound to provide an opportunity for the international hot money to seek interest rate spread arbitrage, and the domestic inflation will develop in depth again. Therefore, in the author's opinion, the impact of these policies on the rubber price is only temporary, and it is still beneficial in the medium and long term. 1. Add clean 46\

therefore, in terms of operation, 21800--22100 of the 803 contract is still a strategic building area, and the stop loss reference is 21400. The first goal: 24500, the second goal: 30000

investors should not blindly imitate the above operations, but must tailor their own trading plans according to their own capital status and risk tolerance

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