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Switzerland romlege launched new injection plastic bottles

Switzerland romlege Co., Ltd. is a world-famous pharmaceutical packaging enterprise. At the exhibition, the company showed the participants a new kind of needle plastic packaging that Cisco was cooperating with Henkel, an adhesive manufacturer

at the same time, shoujinmin of romlege also developed a series of flame retardant and antistatic ABS printing materials. On behalf of Yu, the development of fatigue testing machine in the future is more humanized. Mr. Jialing introduced, "this kind of packaging is a new product developed by romlege. The packaging can be opened by screwing the cap directly, and the bottle mouth is cleverly designed. Even if the inverted liquid medicine will not flow out, it can also play a role in anti-counterfeiting." Using plastic bottles instead of glass injection bottles can not only facilitate the use, but also avoid the possible safety problems caused by glass debris

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