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Only 30% of the synthetic resin interior wall coating in Guangdong is qualified

only 30% of the synthetic resin interior wall coating in Guangdong is qualified

March 10, 2006

recently, the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce monitored the sales of building materials in the circulation field of the province, and conducted spot checks on 230 batches of building materials sold by 110 sales enterprises in 7 cities, including Shenzhen, Shantou, Foshan, Shanwei, Chaozhou, Jieyang and Heyuan, of which 66 batches were qualified, There were 164 batches of unqualified commodities, with a total qualification rate of 28.7% through financial leasing. If 50 batches of unqualified pure labels are excluded, the internal quality of 116 batches of goods is qualified, and the internal quality conformity can be instigated to make the effective discrimination rate of the instrument 50.4%

the formaldehyde emission of a considerable number of plates exceeded the standard

it was learned from the briefing of Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce on March 9 that the spot check of plate origin involved plate commodities in Guangdong, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Shandong and Hubei. A total of 82 batches of board commodities were sampled. Compared with the usual open bath process, 33 batches of solid wood flooring, 22 batches of blockboard and 27 batches of plywood had a low qualification rate of 18.3%. Among them, the formaldehyde index has attracted much attention of consumers, and the qualified rate is 65.3%

formaldehyde emission is an index specified in the mandatory national standard for wood-based panel products in China. Excessive formaldehyde emission directly affects the health of consumers. Because the wood-based panels mostly use formaldehyde series adhesives as their adhesives, the residual free formaldehyde that does not participate in the reaction in the panels will gradually release to the surrounding environment. Formaldehyde is a colorless gas at normal temperature, with a special smell, which can stimulate people's eyes and respiratory tract. Long term inhalation will cause poisoning or allergic reaction. Relevant persons from the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce reminded consumers to pay attention to the indication of formaldehyde emission when purchasing plywood. The State prohibits the sale of boards with formaldehyde emission greater than 5.0mg/l for indoor decoration; When selecting Blockboard (commonly known as big core board and thick core board), it should be noted that formaldehyde emission less than 1.5mg/l can be directly used indoors, while E2 grade board less than 5.0mg/l can be used indoors only after finishing

only 30% of synthetic resin interior wall coatings are qualified.

it is reported that 82 batches of coating commodities were also sampled this time, involving 73 manufacturing enterprises and 36 distribution enterprises. Among them, 46 batches of synthetic resin interior wall coatings and 36 batches of solvent based wood coatings have the qualification rates of 32.6% and 75% respectively. This sampling inspection still found that the free formaldehyde of 8 batches of interior wall coatings exceeded the standard, up to 0.64g/kg (standard value 0.1g/kg), more than 6 times the standard value

people concerned remind that when purchasing paint, smell is an intuitive judgment method. Try to choose low smell or no smell. If you want to know more about its performance, you can ask the dealer to show the quality inspection certificate. You should try to choose famous brand or branded goods. In addition, the goods with complete package marks shall be selected, and the packaging barrel shall be provided with important marks such as trademark, name and address of the manufacturer, production date, net content (or capacity), executive standard (including quality grade), shelf life, certificate of conformity, etc

the three cement commodities sampled were all unqualified

in addition, 66 batches of cement commodities were sampled, including 11 batches of white cement, 5 batches of thoroughbred cement, 1 batch of composite Portland cement and 49 batches of ordinary portland cement. The overall qualification rate of cement is very low. The full qualified rate of white cement, full built cement and composite Portland cement is 0, while the qualified rate of ordinary portland cement widely used in the main structure of construction projects is only 18.4%. Among the ordinary portland cement sampled, the minimum 28 day flexural strength and compressive strength are 2.4Mpa and 8.7mpa respectively, 56.4% and 73.2% lower than the standard requirements of 5.5mpa and 32.5mpa. If such cement is used in construction projects, it will become a major hidden danger to the project quality

when purchasing cement, the informant should carefully check the packaging mark of the cement bag: the cement bag must be marked with the commodity name, manufacturer's name and address, factory number, strength grade, production date, etc., especially whether there is a production date on the cement bag

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