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Sweden and Japan cooperate to issue automated packaging technology. For example, Sweden and Japan cooperate to develop commercial automated packaging technology. The rotonalus consortium of Sweden and Sumitomo Corporation of Japan cooperate to research and develop a new commercial packaging technology, which is intended to be provided to department stores with relatively high cost and large shopping malls. This new technology can speed up sales, shorten the time of each transaction by 30%, and greatly reduce the labor intensity of salespersons

the new packaging technology is basically like this: a packaging cabinet is installed on the business counter to receive goods purchased by customers. The bottom of the packing cabinet can be lifted and lowered to adjust the height according to the volume of the goods to be packed. A polyethylene plastic pipe for holding goods is sleeved under the packing cabinet. The length and width of the plastic pipe are selected by the packaging distributor. The packaging distributor is connected to a specially designed automatic recorder, which can control a 320mm wide reel composed of many plastic pipes and a pair of closed brake pads. In this way, the plastic packaging cut according to the exact volume of goods purchased by customers can completely overcome the waste of traditional packaging. Because according to the research, the average volume utilization rate of general bags is only 65%

2.8 display mode: data and curve are dynamically displayed along with the experimental process

The above-mentioned automatic packaging system has been patented in 32 countries, and the prototype of the device has been tested in Japan for one year, and will be promoted and used in Sweden, Britain, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries

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