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Chen Yang, marketing director of Yangzi smart home company, and Shi Zhuang, marketing manager, visited the opening site to do opening activities for agents and explain smart home related knowledge to more than 200 guests on the site

in March, the grass grows and the warbler flies. Spring has quietly come to us. In this season of recovery of all things, our agent of Yangtze smart home has also started a new journey

with the popularity of smart home and the strong support of national policies in the past two years, more and more consumers know about smart home and begin to try it. Investors everywhere are also keenly aware of this business opportunity and have joined the tide of smart home entrepreneurship

the relevant leaders of the company paid enough attention to the opening of partners in Lu'an region. Chen Yang, the company's marketing director, and Shi Xiang, the marketing manager, visited the site to do opening activities for agents and explain relevant knowledge of smart home to more than 200 guests on the site

for the development prospect of smart home, Lu'an's partners are also very confident. This cooperation with Yangzi smart home was finally determined after thousands of choices. It took enough effort to build the exhibition hall, and the product display area and functional experience area should be complete

in this year's "2019 government work report of the State Council", the development of artificial intelligence industry is emphasized again. At the same time, the transformation of traditional industries and intelligent upgrading are also highlighted. Undoubtedly, the favorable policies will have a significant impact on the subsequent development of smart home and smart community

riding the east wind of artificial intelligence and the boat supported by national policies, we have reason to believe that the future of smart home will be better and better

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