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In home decoration, kitchen and bathroom are the focus of decoration. Yes, some families ignore the safety for the sake of fashionable and gorgeous decoration, especially the bathroom

in home decoration, kitchen and bathroom are the focus of decoration. Yes, some families ignore the safety for fashionable and gorgeous decoration, especially the bathroom. If it is too slippery, it may cause danger, so we must consider the safety of the bathroom when decorating

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toilets and bathrooms are places where people wash away dust, eliminate fatigue, and relieve pressure, so people attach great importance to its comfort and safety. In addition to selecting high-quality appliances, attention should be paid to ceilings, floor tiles, doors and windows and other parts

threshold: it is a barrier to prevent water from overflowing from the bathroom. Therefore, when decorating, there should be a certain slope between the threshold and the inside of the bathroom, so that water can flow smoothly into the bathroom

tile laying: the floor tiles shall be laid with a drainage slope of 1%, and the slope shall face the falling surface. The thickness of the floor tile joint should be consistent, aligned with the wall tile joint, and the ceramic sheet should be flat when sticking. If it meets the outlet of the water supply pipeline, the cut should be watered when laying tiles, so that the flange cover on the water supply copper can cover the cut, so as to avoid the breach and ensure that there is no ponding

install exhaust fan: most people only install an exhaust fan, and the bad gas in the bathroom cannot be discharged indoors, but only circulates in the bathroom. The correct ventilation design should be to set up an exhaust pipe between the pipes to connect with the extraction fan. The extraction fan must have a retrograde gate to prevent dirty gas from returning to the room

installation of toilet seat: the traditional installation of toilet seat is mostly fixed with cement slurry, so that the toilet seat can not be disassembled again. In case of serious blockage, it can only be knocked off. A good way is to install the flange on the pedestal pan baseboard first, then install the expansion screws, and then surround the pedestal pan drain with oil sludge. Align the mounting hole of the pedestal pan baseboard with the expansion screws and rotate them evenly, lock them with screws, and then plug the gap between the pedestal pan and the floor with caulking agent

ceiling and door leaf: it is better to choose waterproof, antirust, fireproof and anti-corrosion materials. Never choose wooden doors for door installation to prevent moisture and deformation in the future. It is better to choose waterproof doors as far as possible, such as plastic, aluminum products, etc

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