Children's room decoration creates a perfect child

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Every child is the treasure of the family. Similarly, every parent wants to give their children the most perfect childhood. Being able to create a small world for children that they want to belong to themselves is also one of the ways to give children a perfect childhood

children need more space to meet their "free breathing" nature, so when building this children's room, miscellaneous decorations were removed to make room for children to play. The L-shaped desk is placed in the L-shaped corner, making clever use of the space in the corner. The desk is close to the window, and the light is better when the child is reading, which helps to protect the child's eyes

the corner of the attic was cleverly used and turned into a perfect children's room. Presumably, this is a family that loves Chinese culture very much. Chinese red with Chinese element flavor has been widely used. The carpet is red, and two of the three walls are painted red. In order to make this triangular attic space not too depressing and boring, the top wall is painted white, so that the whole space has a visual sense of extension

this is a simple small room. There is a big glass window beside the head of the bed. You can take a glance at the scenery outside by opening the red curtain. Through the glass, the scenery outside has also become a background wall that decorates the room in four seasons. A small white storage cabinet is placed in the corner, which does not occupy space but also plays a storage role that cannot be ignored

children are fallen angels, and their heads are always full of beautiful fantasies. Imagine that one day you can live in a dreamlike space like the princess and prince in the cartoon. In the fantasy of their own small world, the wall is no longer just monotonous white, but should be a color representing life and hope, such as green in this room. Put several accompanying children on the bed




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