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As the saying goes, decoration should "shop around", so what should we compare when choosing a decoration company? Is it based solely on the quotation of the decoration company? According to the data, choosing a decoration company based on the quotation of the decoration company alone not only didn't save money, but also exceeded a lot of budgets and consumed more energy. Ms. Wang, who lives in Qingshan, Wuchang, suffered this loss

according to Ms. Wang, the decoration company began to quote more than 120000, and finally spent nearly 160000 after decoration; It's just a small project of plastering and tiling. The original budget was 13700 yuan, but now it has cost 16300 yuan and has not been completed; A bedroom door is planned to be demolished and modified, and the demolition and modification fee is marked as 700 yuan, but it is not all inclusive, It's a step-by-step charge...

"This is also the most commonly used trick in Wuhan decoration companies, and it is also a typical decoration trap. Use the lower budget quotation in the market to attract the owners, and then do something in the actual construction process. Residents also continue to increase expenses in the construction process, and the actual settlement is very different from the budget. Owners looking for decoration companies, don't be fooled by their low quotation, otherwise they may suffer heavy losses." Said the decoration consultant of Wuhan home decoration network

it is understood that in the process of decoration, many owners have such experience. In order to attract the signing, the home decoration company initially adopted a general package quotation, and the description is also very simple and vague. Generally, it only quoted the unit price, and did not explain the selection of materials and processes. Some even deliberately omit some key items, so that the overall quoted price is relatively low, which can attract customers to sign the bill, and during the process of the project, new projects will continue to emerge, which is what we often call "low price hedging". Just this extra cost, the company will earn 20%, and the construction team will get 15%

what are the common low price quotation traps of decoration companies? During the interview of the editor of Wuhan home decoration network, it was found that Wuhan decoration companies often use the means of low price quotation in the following aspects:

the budget quotation is low and the price is constantly increased after soliciting customers

there is a certain error in the budget and settlement, which is reasonable. After all, there must be some variables in the decoration process. In the absence of project changes, the increase and decrease of completion settlement generally does not exceed 10% of the budget, This decoration owner can write it when signing the contract. For projects that have to be modified in the decoration process, the owner must understand the items that may need to be spent after the modification

the materials in the budget of many decoration companies seem to be very cheap, but a lot of materials will be involved in the additional items, and the price is not cheap, so the owner must ask for the materials and costs required for each additional item when making changes. Some project managers will continue to persuade the owner to rectify and exaggerate some defects in the original design during the decoration process, which requires the owner to communicate with the designer in the early stage. Once it is determined, do not make changes at will in the later stage. It is best for the owner to reach a consensus with the designer and project manager before the start

subcontracting raises prices

some small decoration companies rely on a few designers and a small number of construction teams to simply piece together and establish decoration companies to attract consumers by avoiding low-cost temptations such as management fees and design fees. The number of fixed foremen and construction personnel of these small decoration companies is far from enough to meet the number of orders. Often, after the company signs a contract with the owner, it subcontracts the whole decoration project to other construction teams

steal the measurement unit

"steal the measurement unit, which is generally the most difficult trick for owners to see through," said the person in charge of Aohua decoration. The owner seldom pays attention to the units in the quotation, and not knowing the different units means that the quotation figures deviate greatly. For example, if you order a shoe cabinet, the quotation says "main material: 8mm glass shelf + 1cm tempered glass + mirror + accessories, unit: item, quantity: 1..." it seems very reasonable. In fact, there is no explanation about the size of the shoe cabinet, leaving an opportunity to drill holes. The owner shall require to calculate according to the actual area, such as wardrobe, shoe cabinet, etc., and try not to take "item" as the unit, so as to avoid errors in the decoration process

omission of some main materials for hard decoration

the head of Wuhan Yezhifeng decoration company said that the decoration company deliberately omitted some main materials in the decoration quotation. The owner was attracted by this quotation with reasonable overall price and signed the contract readily, but in the next decoration process, the owner will continue to add money for these malicious "forgetting" of the decoration company. To resolve this risk, the owner must require the decoration company to clearly write all the main materials in the decoration contract or agreement, and indicate whether the buyer is the decoration company or the owner himself

fuzzy quality, level, specification

"fuzzy quality, level, specification is a common trick of nonstandard decoration companies", said the chief designer of Wuhan Jiahe decoration company, "Although some materials are required and the quantity of materials is indicated, the quality, brand and specification of materials are not specified. The owner shall require each item of the quotation to specify the elements of materials as much as possible. During the decoration, pay attention to checking whether relevant materials are purchased according to the specified requirements"

lower the price of a single item

owners usually ask for advice from friends who have been decorated in advance, or go to the market to understand the price of a certain material, but the information they know is often one-sided. For example, the owner knows the current unit price of floors and tiles, but does not necessarily know the labor cost of floor installation and tiling, so he cut down the price of floors and tiles, but suffered a loss in labor cost. Therefore, when looking at the decoration quotation, the owner should not only focus on the single price of a project, but also integrate the costs of labor, loss and other aspects as well as the costs of other projects

the construction process is ambiguous

looking only at the numbers and not looking at the text description is a problem that most owners often make when looking at the quotation. They always feel that a digital error will cause losses, and the text description must not be able to do anything, which is not the case. Whether it is wall coating construction, floor construction or sewer construction, they all have their own construction process requirements. If a process is omitted in the middle, it may cause you a lot of trouble in future life. Problems such as paint falling off the wall and water seepage in the toilet are mostly caused by the poor decoration construction process. Therefore, the owner had better learn more about decoration, try to understand the construction process standards of various projects about indoor decoration, and regularly go to the decoration site to understand the process, which has a certain preventive effect

Wuhan home decoration network also reminds many decoration owners that when choosing a decoration company for decoration, they must not rely solely on the quotation of the decoration company, but on the qualification of the decoration company. In addition, in order to protect the rights and interests of many consumers, owners can choose the "decoration bidding" on Wuhan home decoration online, which has a third-party platform for supervision, which can avoid these decoration disputes and make decoration easier




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