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Wallpapers and wallcoverings are popular in four seasons, and see the cool of autumn again.

seamless wallcoverings are popular in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

they are popular in four seasons, and have been circulated and rotated countless times. The beginning of autumn four weeks ago made this summer no longer look as long as usual. In Hangzhou in the south, it seems that we just jumped forward slightly from spring to cross the hot summer and directly smell the taste of autumn. A cold rain that may come at any time may also bring our thoughts to the depths of autumn at any time. Fortunately, at this time, you can still see green leaves and red flowers, and hear the chirping of insects and birds. The beautiful scenery everywhere really reminds people of the vivid pictures and slightly cooled popularity at the Shanghai wallpaper exhibition in August, and clearly feels the long-standing jubilation of China's seamless wallcovering industry, which, like the wind of the season, is warm, hot, cold and cold in natural times

does the seamless wall fabric industry also have its own seasonal style? Compared with the heavy historical memory before the new millennium, we are more willing to talk about the third rebirth era of China's seamless wallcovering industry, which began barely five or six years ago. From about the end of 2006 to the end of 2010, for seamless wallcovering people, seamless wallcovering factories, enterprises and brands have sprung up like mushrooms. "May be one of the most exclamation sentences heard. Savor it carefully, it seems that everything really happened in a slightly chilly spring breeze. Finally, China's seamless wallcovering industry was able to recover warmly after benefiting from the real estate boom

from then on, we found that in 2011, a few years later, the heat of the seamless wallcovering industry was full to the boiling point, the influx of related industries, the plagiarism of design ideas, the expansion of production lines, the proliferation of various brands, the congestion of sales channels, the competition for professionals, etc., anxious and miscellaneous, like the gust and sultry under the sun in summer. However, this scene seems to come quickly and go in a hurry. The seamless wall fabric wind in 2012, just like this season now, when the warmth of spring has not clearly bid farewell to people and meet another future, the short summer heat has passed. The cool wind of autumn blows gently on my face again

after the Beijing Exhibition in March and the Shanghai Exhibition in August, the Chinese seamless wallcovering has obviously shown some signs of cooling down, with less noise, more calm, and falling leaves in autumn. In the light of the brand operation this year, many factories and brands have stopped pursuing the number of dealers and sought to optimize the quality of distribution. Replace passive coping with "Innovative, unique technology, one upmanship, safety and worry are all thinking.

perhaps, due to the different role positioning and strength, there is always a debate about whether it is cold in autumn or cold in winter. However, these are not important. It is wise to avoid risks as soon as possible and make decisions according to the situation. Therefore, we are happy to see more rational factors in the industry and more fruitful autumn in the industry. It is either the advanced concept, the independent development, the superior management, the improvement of channels, the maturity of the market, or everything else

if the dazzling seamless wall cloth came into view like a magic color in spring, did you ever think it was a warning left over from the previous winter. Those designs and colors always carry the enchanting fragrance of spring soil mixed with after the wind and rain, attracting people's yearning for nature. Can China's seamless wall fabric industry no longer be impulsive, treat it with rational thinking, and embroider its own silk satin with special stitching? Although there have been several seasonal monsoon cycles like alternating cold and summer, we still hope that after the cool wind, there will be no internal friction in the industry in the cold wind. Pray for more warm spring and cool autumn, and the severe winter will not come again





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