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The EU sets the maximum limit of printing ink for food packaging recently, the EU Standing Committee on food chain and animal health set the maximum migration limit of printing ink for food packaging containing 4-methylbenzophenone or benzophenone, stipulating that the total migration limit of 4-methylbenzophenone and benzophenone in the blue light packaging printing ink material of iceblue technology should be less than 0.6 millimetres per kilogram; Said tangchuanrudder, general manager of Guochuan electronics

printing ink is used in a large number of food packaging, but it contains a large number of toxic and harmful chemicals such as heavy metals, residual solvents, organic volatiles and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which can pollute the contents of food through chemical migration. It is necessary to pay special attention to the great harm of benzene residues to people, which is easy to cause diseases such as cancer. The EU's initiative means that printing inks will also be included in materials and products controlled by specific regulations

in the face of the dual pressure of the EU's stringent regulations and the financial crisis, export enterprises must strictly control the selection of packaging material manufacturers, choose packaging materials with low risk, high safety performance and environmental protection as far as possible (1) universal materials with good experimental performance, and understand their production processes. After printing, all the solvents in the ink must volatilize, the ink must be cured thoroughly, and meet the corresponding industry standards, Before using the packaging bag, the enterprise can also send the packaging materials to the laboratory with corresponding qualification of the inspection and quarantine institution for compliance verification, so as to ensure that the product customs clearance will not be affected

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