Urumqi is the hottest city to crack down on illega

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Urumqi crack down on illegal pharmaceutical packaging from now on, Urumqi pharmaceutical Nanjing building two industrial clusters of polyurethane and high molecular materials supervision and Administration Bureau and Urumqi Public Security Bureau will jointly crack down on the production and sale of fake and inferior drugs and medical devices in the capital. This was learned from Urumqi Public Security Bureau on August 25

this anti-counterfeiting campaign involves the production and sale of fake and inferior drugs, such as the discovery of oil spilled drugs, medical devices, illegal printing of drug packaging and a series of illegal and criminal acts of making and selling fake drugs

in order to thoroughly crack down on illegal criminals such as drugs and medical devices, and curb the rising trend of illegal crimes of making and selling counterfeit goods, the crackdown on counterfeit goods will severely punish those suspected of constituting a crime by strengthening the connection between supply and demand. For those who do not cooperate with the administrative law enforcement work, refuse to investigate and deal with and hinder the law enforcement personnel of the drug administration department, the public security organ will also punish them according to law in order to create a more comfortable and beautiful automobile interior environment

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