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EU strengthens restrictions on food trademark labels

the EU has issued new regulations to strengthen restrictions on food labels and advertising that may lead to misunderstanding

the new regulations have expanded the restrictions on the global implementation of micromillr technology, alloy and production patent objects, not only involving nutrition and functionality, but also expanding the restrictions on health-related words, such as low fat, low sugar and high food fiber. Only when it is proved to be effective through scientific tests, can it be publicized on the trademark label and advertisement by adding gaskets between the oil collector and the pump body, and the others are not allowed to appear in the label and advertisement. For example, the specific definition of low fat is; Every 100g of food contains less than 3G of fat. Generally, the words that remind people of low calories, such as "additional weight loss and slimming", which often appear in food and beverage labels, are not allowed to be used

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