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At the first glance, you can see that this is a female boudoir, with black floor tone. On such a base, add jumping peach red, and don't forget to bring a little girl's sweetness and loveliness in maturity. Although there is no obvious complete partition, several functional areas are arranged in an orderly manner in the same space

not only is there another rest space under the bed, but even the cushion at the end of the bed can be moved flexibly to turn the bed into a sofa. When a girl friend comes to the single dormitory to stay for one night, she also solves the problem of sleeping at the same time. Such multifunctional furniture can kill many birds with one stone

the small low cabinet is more suitable for the storage space with a slightly larger degree of freedom. It can not only act as a TV cabinet, but also pile some small objects inside. The simple appearance is also very beautiful; The cross shaped wall cabinet can also effectively use the external plane space to place some decorations, which plays a synchronous coordination between function and beautification

black and white are used separately in a large area. Furniture with wood texture is used for decoration to prevent the two colors from making people feel very dull and lack a sense of quality. The comparative use of black and white hard and soft clothing, black and white, and black and white foil each other, with distinct personality

young people who love music stack guitars, speakers and other equipment at home, but they are still very clean, which is mainly due to the storage furniture with powerful functions. The stepped storage compartment is used to store items such as tapes and CDs, and also makes the wall with single color three-dimensional

the matching of contrasting colors is very fashionable, and the ornaments of light blue and red ornaments can arouse people's inner enthusiasm, which is the favorite color of lively people. The mobile low cabinet can change the home decoration layout at any time, and try to use the wall to expand the storage space, so that the whole home appears spacious and bright

compared with the female bedroom in front, the color of this room has less lovely elements and more calm temperament. In the bedroom with neutral color as the keynote, try to use bright red as the supporting role of home decoration, although it accounts for a small proportion in the overall space, injecting vitality into home life. In this color matching, a white closet standing on the wall makes the visual sense of the bedroom bright in an instant

photos of different specifications on the wall, such a contrast in size ratio, can better set off the perfect visual effect. In addition, the coordination of the same color and brightness makes these photos form a series. Drawing a tree by hand is like planting a landscape at home

the style of this single apartment is extremely luxurious. The blue and purple dotted in the white bedroom are bright and eye-catching. These two colors will give people a noble and luxurious feeling. Coupled with its mysterious mood, it adds a bit of aesthetic and mature temperament to the space

the wall cabinet with purple light and clean face caters to the overall bedroom style. The flower shaped handle on the drawer has become a visual highlight, echoing all kinds of decorative elements in the space. The rich colors are lined with white as the background, making the overall tone of the space very harmonious

a wide round bed with a high bedside shows an elegant and calm temperament. The round shape with great beauty has captured the hearts of countless post-80s young people. The velvet fabric piled on the bed is full of texture, which can set off a sense of romance and add warmth and warmth to the atmosphere of the home

the transparent design connected with the bedroom ensures good lighting and ventilation in the bathroom. A shiny "scale" chandelier hangs low and strings of crystal rings ensure the lighting during bathing. The classical style of the independent bathtub is very elegant, especially the tiger claw design, which further renders the feminine color




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