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The wall is the "decency" of the room, and the cracking of the wall has become the "number one public enemy" that puzzles people after the renovation of the old house. Due to the limitations of the old house renovation, the construction is very troublesome and requires high technical requirements. In the renovation process, there are often various problems, which give owners and decoration companies a headache. The renovation of old houses, wall treatment punishment, and water and electricity reform are all important. It is precisely because of these huge steps that the cost of old house renovation is usually about 70% higher than that of the unified project of new house decoration, and the construction period also needs to be increased by 15-20 days

after living for a long time, it is inevitable that some walls will be stained, and the ground and furniture will be worn. At this time, the home will also encounter problems that need renovation. The renovation project seems simple, but there are also many areas that need attention in actual operation. The renovation of old houses is different from that of new houses. Relatively speaking, it is more cumbersome because there are many restrictive factors. If these restrictive factors are not taken into account, it will bring great trouble to life. So, what are the precautions for the renovation and decoration of old houses? The renovation of old houses is not simple at all. Now let's get to know it

renovation and decoration steps of old houses

renovation of old houses, wall disposal punishment, and water and electricity reform are all important. It is precisely because of these huge steps that the cost of renovation of old houses is usually about 70% higher than that of the unified project of new house decoration, and the construction period also needs to be increased by 15-20 days

first, the extra process: shovel the wall

the wall of the old house will show a dirty and indomitable environment due to its long service life. When renovating, the wall of the old house must be treated and punished at the lower level. When shoveling the wall, first check whether the old wall uses water-resistant putty or non water-resistant putty. If it is water-resistant putty, it is not necessary to pull out the wall. If it is black-and-white water-resistant putty, it is necessary to pull out the wall to the mortar layer, and then apply an environmental friendly interface agent of appropriate thickness. The interface agent has the function of agglutinating putty and covering the wall, which is indispensable in the treatment of the wall

II. Anti cracking “ Engineering ”: Paste cloth and mesh

after the interface agent is dried, anti cracking “ Engineering ” If there is a gap in the wall, it can be subsidized with fine kraft paper. Now, it is a widely used method to prevent the wall from cracking by pasting simply good cloth and mesh all over. Especially for the insulation wall, you must first paste kraft paper, and then paste a layer of simply good cloth under the kraft paper to prevent the rainwater from penetrating into the wall and causing the wall to turn yellow. Indoor light brick walls and new walls should also be pasted with good cloth

III. new look of the wall: puttying

before puttying, professional and environmental friendly lower layer materials should be used for leveling, and the puttying must not be approved until the leveling layer is dry. The blending of putty is quite demanding. The construction workers should stir and mix the putty evenly. As usual, the putty needs to be scraped three times, and the thickness of scraping cannot exceed 1mm each time

the construction climate in summer is very hot, but you can't open the window forever when applying putty, which will cause the putty to evaporate too fast and easy to crack. You can put a few pots of water indoors when opening the window. Construction cannot be carried out below five degrees Celsius in winter

IV. “ Beauty ” Step: find the nail hole, Polish

after the putty is applied, the wall will show some holes &mdash& mdash; Nail holes, which probably exist in every corner of the wall, can only be found after careful inspection by the decoration workers. After finding the patch hole, you can polish it next. When polishing, first use coarse sandpaper to polish the unyielding center of the wall, and then use fine sandpaper to polish repeatedly until the wall is polished smoothly

at this stage, the owners must not be unfamiliar. Paint brushing can be divided into primer brushing and topcoat brushing. Under the same normal environment, brush one coat of primer first, and then brush three coats of topcoat after the primer is completely dry. The best result is that the wall forms a layer of paint film

precautions for renovation and decoration of old houses

first, doors and windows are seriously aging, and choices should be handled carefully. When dealing with doors and windows, we need to decide the treatment method according to the aging degree of doors and windows. If the wooden doors and windows are skinned and deformed, it means that the characteristics of the wood itself have changed and must be removed and redone; If the paint film on the surface of steel doors and windows peels off, the main body is rusted or cracked, it must be removed and redone; If the material of wooden doors and windows is compact and the surface paint film is intact, the decorative panel can be pasted during the secondary construction and used

second, the main bathroom has a small load-bearing, so the massage bathtub should not be equipped. Nowadays, most of the houses are of steel-concrete structure, so it is more difficult to bear the weight of a jacuzzi. Moreover, the structure of the old house is mostly cement floors or brick and wood structures. The Jacuzzi is full of water and weighs at least 1 ton. How can the bathroom of the old house support it. When used in bath, it is not only the bathtub that is damaged, but it may seriously endanger personal safety and cause unnecessary losses

III. The main water valve is at home, and the main water pipe should not be dismantled. 20. There is no water meter room in the corridor of the husband's house built 30 years ago, so the main water pipe and water inlet valve of each household are located in their own homes, with different positions. Because the water can't be turned off, the main water pipe can't be removed at all, even if it's no matter how ugly it is. When designing, we must consider that some decorations can be made if it is not beautiful, and must not affect the practicality

IV. the floor is loose and thin, and the chandelier should not be heavy. If the old house is of wooden structure, the wooden floor is difficult to support the heavy chandelier, and the stability of the lamp will also be affected when people upstairs walk around. Even in the cement structure, the fragile floor is easy to be broken through by expansion screws, and the chandelier above 15 kg is easy to loosen. When installing the chandelier, the weight of the lamp body must be considered

v. the water in the kitchen is thin, and the washing machine should not be placed. When designing the old house, we should consider that the water consumption of the kitchen is generally small, so the diameter of the sewer pipe is very thin, and it is a cast iron pipe structure, which will rust over time. It is recommended not to blindly catch up with the trend and embed the washing machine in the cabinet. When the drainage is large, the water may return, which can be set flexibly to facilitate the movement of the position of the washing machine according to the actual situation

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