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Top design, excellent quality and innovative technology have made K5, the exclusive product of Asia Pacific Tianneng business space, a professional service with an efficient and fast work pace, which is actually the choice of the elite

Asia Pacific Tianneng constantly explores new fields of fingerprint lock, and innovatively develops the glass door fingerprint lock K5, which is suitable for different scenes such as business office, service hall, storage room, etc., without wiring and opening holes, so that the glass door remains simple and beautiful all the time; Different from the products of most other manufacturers, K5 has a strong and incomparable security defense line, effective anti prying and technical opening, and the anti-theft performance is greatly improved; K5 follows the enterprise standard design and production that is much higher than the industry standard. The product has passed multiple rigorous tests, and its service life is more than twice the requirements of the industry standard. It can be used normally for 15 years, with high reliability; Equipped with exclusive m-link1.0 operating system, equipped with large screen OLED LCD and Chinese menu display system, it is simple to use and powerful. The simple business appearance design, safe and reliable quality, and innovative intelligent functions are only to create an unprecedented experience for you

top design, leading the trend of art! K5 adheres to the design concept of simple business style, and the square cutting reflects a neat and capable urban attitude; The glass touch mirror has an excellent sense of use, fast and sensitive operation, and forms a 15 ° golden angle with the door, which is parallel to the human perspective, creating a perfect interactive experience; Choose the cool color of gem grey, which is highly integrated with the coolness of the glass door. The overall visual comfort is advanced. People oriented, every detail is respect for people - the circular fingerprint sensor shows the lock surface, and fingerprint verification is easy and convenient

excellent quality ensures safety and reliability! Asia Pacific Tianneng fingerprint lock has always been known for its "safety and reliability". As an exclusive product of commercial space, K5 is different from other enterprise products. It is equipped with an extremely strong security defense line to protect property security all day

integrated die-casting panel, super impact resistant; RF semiconductor fingerprint sensor can go deep into the dermis to identify living fingerprints, and forged fingerprints cannot be unlocked; Anti peek password design, which can be recognized by any input before and after the real password; Password anti cracking function, accumulated password errors for 5 times within three minutes, forced sleep for 3 minutes; The anti hijacking alarm function can set 6 users as anti hijacking users (fingerprints of different fingers or special passwords, etc.). Once unlocked, SOS distress information will be sent to wechat

Asia Pacific Tianneng has formulated enterprise standards that are far higher than the industry standards. The products are designed and produced in strict accordance with the enterprise standards. All fingerprint locks are designed through rigorous environmental experiments, electromagnetic compatibility experiments, anti-destructive experiments, life tests and other reliability experiments to ensure that 200000 + times of trouble free opening, far higher than the industry standard 100000 times of life, and can be used reliably for more than 15 years

k5 fingerprint lock is configured with an m-link1.0 operating system based on cloud management and control with independent intellectual property rights - multiple systemlink, which can be connected to the cloud through the gateway and become the entrance of the intelligent office system. It is equipped with a large screen OLED display and a Chinese pull-down menu. The system has powerful functions and can operate quickly without instructions. The organic combination of software and hardware achieves the strongest defense

in addition, K5 has innovated and developed many functions

1. It supports fingerprint + password + swiping card + authorized unlocking, and can send one-time passwords to visitors remotely through wechat, which is safe and worry-free

2. It supports customized wechat gateway version. When users unlock the door, input the wrong password continuously, and someone pries the lock, the door lock will immediately push a message to the mobile wechat, allowing you to control the dynamics of the door lock in real time

3. Support customized remote control, which can unlock and open the door remotely indoors

4. Using the unique anti scratch algorithm, even if the fingerprint sensor is scratched, it can be recognized normally

5. Normally open function, you can set the normally open mode in the system setting, and you can enter and exit freely without verification and unlocking. It is applicable to more scenarios. Long press the # key to release the normally open mode, which is very convenient

6. With super memory function, it can save the last 10000 unlocking records

7. With 60 groups of user capacity, it can be added at will without pressure. Customization can be increased to 100 groups

8. Equipped with USB emergency charging port and emergency key for emergencies

(source: Asia Pacific Tianneng)




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