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Beijing reported that the first water-based paint Expo hosted by the China water-based paint industry strategic alliance was recently opened in the bird's nest of the National Stadium. The theme of this Expo is "environmental protection, integration, docking and water-based". Hundreds of coatings and upstream and downstream enterprises participated in the exchange and sharing the needs and experience of "oil to water", docking the environmental protection transformation needs of the industry "oil to water", and helping to reduce VOCs Pollution from the source by promoting the application of water paint

Dai Guoqing, Deputy Secretary General of the China Chemical Industry Association and Deputy Secretary General of the China waterborne coatings industry strategic alliance, said that with the introduction of the "13th five year plan for the prevention and control of volatile organic compounds pollution", the fields of architectural coatings, wood coatings, adhesives and industrial coatings will be comprehensively renovated. About 18% to 19% of VOCs emissions come from coatings, so accelerating the "oil to water" in the coating industry has become the biggest trend at present

liuzhanchuan, executive president of Chenyang water paint, said that only with the joint participation of raw materials, production, market, channels and consumption, can we accelerate the green development of "oil to water". As a water paint enterprise, it will take this opportunity to achieve leapfrog development, so as to drive the transformation and upgrading of the coating industry

Chenyang water paint has an annual planned production capacity of 1.25 million tons. This "Big Mac" with the largest volume of all water paint in Asia will reduce VOCs emissions by 1million tons every year after it is put into production, which is equivalent to the exhaust emissions of 1million cars in one year. In the face of such great environmental benefits, Liu zhanchuan said that Chenyang water paint has been committed to the development of environmental protection water paint industry, producing products worthy of the trust of the Chinese people, "such a cause is worthy of our lifelong loyalty!"





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