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Tiling should not only focus on the process, but also do a good job before and after. This refers to the grass-roots treatment and final cleaning. The grass-roots treatment is for us to tiling more smoothly and prevent some later problems. Cleaning after tiling is to keep the brick surface clean. Cleaning after the brick surface is dry is more troublesome. The following six aspects are: base treatment, snapping, pre paving, paving, jointing and cleaning

I. base course treatment: thoroughly clean the dust and sundries, and there shall be no hollowing, cracking, sanding and other defects

II. Snap lines: before construction, snap elevation control lines around the wall and cross lines on the ground to control the separation size of floor tiles. A small cross can be used to keep a certain reasonable gap in the tiles to prepare for pointing

III. pre paving: first, strictly select the color, texture, surface smoothness, etc. of the floor tiles on the basis of the drawing design requirements, and then pre pave according to the drawing requirements

how to save money in decoration? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. Adjust and exchange the size, color and texture errors that may occur in the pre paving until the best effect is achieved, and stack them neatly according to the paving

IV. paving: 1:3 dry and hard cement mortar is selected for paving, and the thickness of mortar is about 25mm. Before paving, wet the back of the floor tile and dry the front. Place the floor tile on the cement mortar as required, and tap the floor tile finish gently with a rubber hammer until it is dense and flat to meet the requirements

v. jointing: the joints shall be cleaned and pointed 24 hours after the cement is paved. Before jointing, the impurities in the floor tile joints shall be wiped away and the joints shall be pointed with special joint filler. After pointing, if conditions permit, the beautifying agent can be used for beautifying the seam

VI. cleaning: during the construction of tiling home decoration, clean it as soon as it is dry. After the completion (generally after 24h), use cotton yarn and other things to clean the surface of the floor tile




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